Eternal Alliance

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Zog Information

What is a ZOG?: A collectable item gained rarely through the loot of defeated monsters.

Where do I redeem my Zog?: Zogs can be redeemed at Traders path near the Vault. The Zog Redemption Agent will first take an initial Zog per race. Afterwards you will be able to turn in 5 of those specific zogs for rewards.

What Rewards?: The rewards depend on the rarity of the zog. Hover over the Zog for relevant information regarding its worth.
Common Zogs are worth 50 silver
Uncommon Zogs are worth 3 gold
Rare Zogs are worth a satchel of Elixirs
Ultra Rare Zogs are worth 25 crowns

Where do I find the best Zogs?: Well you've certainly come to the right place! Read on for information regarding the different types of Zogs, as well as exact locations and specific numbers concerning Zog Grinding (The repeated slaying of a particular monster in an effort to collect their Zogs). 


Zog Chart

Ratings are a representation of how optimal that specific area is for Zog Grinding on a scale of 1 to 5. These values are calculated by averaging the ratings of the other categories described below.

1: Last Resort
2: Poor
3: Decent
4: Optimal
5: Exceptional

Please note, Almost all of the locations mentioned in the chart below are PURE respawn sites. This means when you kill a specific Zog enemy there, the same enemy will respawn. As a result you are not faced with the issue of a diminishing number of Zog Prospects. For example, if you go to Zombie Town and killed all of the ghosts in the zone, there is NO guarantee they will respawn as ghosts! Some may respawn as zombies or ghouls etc. So you will get less and less ghosts (zog prospects) until you eventually have to wipe the zone for additional respawns. Since Zog Grinding requires killing a large amount of enemies I tried to select areas where the Zog Prospect you kill will always respawn as the same monster, so you never have to worry about diminishing prospects and zone wipes.
1 - All over the zone
2 - 50% of the zone
3 - Between 6 - 10 Grid Squares
4 - Between 2 and 5 Grid Squares
5 - 1 Grid Square
*Remember, location is not an enemy COUNT it is the disbursement of monsters. So the more concentrated the monsters are, and the less running around you have to do, the better.

Enemy Count
1 - A single monster
2 - Between 2 - 5 monsters in the specified area
3 - Between 6 - 10 monsters in the specified area
4 - Between 11 - 15 monsters in the specified area
5 - 15+ monsters in the specified area

Respawn Time
1 - Over 2 minutes, 30 seconds
2 - 2 minutes, 15 seconds
3 - 2 Minutes
4 - 1 Minute, 30 seconds
5 - 1 Minute

Enemy Count
 Respawn Time
Forevers Advent
(Path from Telepad through Daggertooth Pits Portal)
(Diminishing Prospects Automatic 1)
 1 Minute, 30 seconds
(Entire Zone)
  2 Minutes, 30 Seconds
Traders Path
(G5, F5)
  2 Minutes, 15 seconds
  Bearhold Crypt (F2, G2)
1 Minute
 Water Spirit
  Terratrias Reefs
(E3-4, F3-4, B4, C4)
  2 Minutes, 15 Seconds
 Winged Demon
  Bevyn's Coille
(C4 - E5)
Varies (10 - 20)
(Certain areas seem to have pure respawns)
  2 Minutes,15 Seconds

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