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Voting: Every village has a political system, whether you wish to participate is entirely up to you though. By opening your village menu and clicking 'view Ballot' you can take a look at the current players in your village who are running for mayor. There is an election every 30 days, so if a particular mayor is not behaving appropriately, he/she can be removed from office and replaced. Voting is not required and if you do vote, then your vote will remain on the chosen candidate through each election process unless you change it or they are no longer in the running.

Mayor: Any player in a village is able to run for mayor. Simply open your village ballot and select the option at the bottom where it says "I want to run for...". Once toggled, you have the option of adding a slogan. If the current mayor leaves the village then a "Mayor Pro Tempore" will be chosen as a temporary mayor. Another election will be held a couple of days afterwards if a mayor suddenly leaves.

Ranks & Powers: Mayors are given the privilege to assign ranks to those living in their village. There are preset templates for ranks, and mayors can select specific players they wish to rank up. Mayors can rename ranks as well to whatever they desire. There are a total of 5 ranks. The lowest rank has no abilities. They can only access the 1st tab of the community vault. Rank 2 is allowed access to all of the general tabs of the community vault. Rank 3 has the power to access the common vaults as well as any reserved vaults. Rank 4 can do all of the above and also can rename the village and access the Empyrean machine. Finally Rank 5 (the mayor) has all of the powers above and also the right of appointment - meaning they can change the rank of village residents. 

Village Projects

Every village has projects to work on. Players are not required to donate to projects but the point of a village is a shared avatar that the citizen's build up together. That's why choosing a village with a god community is important to your game's enjoyment. Usually organized villages are Guild villages, however there are many public villages that work on building projects as well, albeit a bit more casually. The following is a list of all projects. These are the same regardless of village, however some villages may have them completed or at a higher rank than others.

Smithing Station: Unlocks a smithing station in your Village, Unlocks chain-breakers and enhancement for mining and smithing related items
Cooking Station: Unlocks a cooking station in your Village, unlocks chain-breakers for cooking and fishing related items
Tailory Station: Unlocks a tailory station in your Village, Unlocks enhancement for tailory related items
Woodcrafting Station: Unlocks a woodcrafting station in your Village, Unlocks chain-breakers and enhancement for woodcrafting related items
Graveyard District: Unlocks the Graveyard district and 12 house plots
Lakeside District: Unlocks the Lakeside district and 13 house plots
Community Vault: Unlocks 9 vaults for the Village to share
Training Grounds: Unlocks archery targets and practice dummies for the Villagers to train with
COG Depot: The COG daily NPCs become available in the village
Empyrean Machine: Grants the ability to change day/night and the appearance of the Village
Statue of Yorick, Annabelle, Frederich, Guardians: Cosmetic statues that are difficult to complete

Donating to Projects

Daily Contributions: For every ongoing village project there is a daily task. Click the project board and then 'Task' to enter the window. This window shows the overall completion of the daily (the blue bar) and how much time is left before it resets (the timer above the blue bar). Donating items is quick and easy. First, highlight over one of the images (like on the picture to the right) to see what you can donate to that category, and how many points it's worth. When the timer runs out, however many points that were added will be awarded to that project. You can also view the previous and next day's Daily Task by clicking the button at bottom.

General Contributions: Along with the Daily Task, there is also a General Contribution tab. Every different project has a different assortment of items in this section. Unlike the Daily Tasks, these items do NOT change or reset every 24 hours. Donating into these categories puts points directly into the project. The picture on the right shows what happens when TOO MUCH is donated to a certain area. It becomes oversaturated, and by continuing to donate, the value becomes less and less.

Project Progress: By clicking on the Town Hall in the Village, and then clicking on a specific project, you're able to see how far the Village has come towards completing that project as well as the percentage that each donator has contributed. When a project is completed, an automatic mail with the top 3 contributors is sent out. Donating to your village is a great way to show your support to the community. There are options for all types of players. Rich members can donate gold to the general tab. Avid crafters and gatherers as well as combat oriented players can donate beams, fruit, monster parts and other items to the Daily Tasks as well as the general tab (depending on the project).

Speed Vs Efficiency: There are two different paths when it comes to completing projects. Either a speedy way or an efficient way. When donating to a daily there are point boosts at specific intervals. As the progress meter begins filling up, the gaps between the boosts are wider apart. The last two point boosts are + 1.8 Million and + 2.4 Million. In order to get to the 2.4 Million mark everything on the daily must be complete, which can be pretty difficult depending on what is being asked for. That is why it is best to stop after reaching + 1.8 Million if you're aiming for efficiency. If you're aiming to complete the project as fast as possible then keep going even after 1.8 Million, keep in mind that items donated after that point would be worth a lot more in other dailies with lower progress unless the 2.4 Million booster is acquired.

Village Perks

Project Ranks
grant special benefits to the villagers. Each rank has it's own perk. By simply clicking on a project board one can view what bonuses and structures that project will add to your village. Some, like crafting stations, will add unseen advantadges, such as bonus exp, and decreased crafting costs. Others like statues are purely cosmetic, and some projects such as the training grounds add elements to the village which players can interact with.

Status is the rank of your village as a whole. The higher your population the greater your level. The maximum is set to 5, and this provides bonuses and boosts to all who live in the Village.

Chain Breakers

Chain Breakers are a helpful perk unlocked from village ranks. Change breakers allow the crafter to create refined items from just raw materials.

There are two types of chain breakers, basic breakers, and advanced breakers.

Basic Breakers: Unlocked at rank 5 for each station
Starting at level 25, basic breakers apply to ore, wood and fish level 25,35,45,55,65...
The recipe requires 2 of these plain items and will give an output of a single beam, pig or decoction.

Example: 2 Bristlewood (Level 25) = Hardwood Beam (Level 25)
Example: 2 Glittermore shard (Level 35) = Superior Glittermore pig (Level 35)

Advanced Breakers:
Starting at level 31, advanced breakers apply to ore, wood and fish level 31,41,51,61...
The recipe requires 2 shiny items and 1 gleaming item and will give an output of 2 beams, pigs or decoctions.

Example: 2 Shiny Glittershade Fleck (Level 48) + Gleaming Glittershade Fleck (Level 51) = 2 Glittershade Pig (Level 45)
Example: 2 Shiny Hamachi (Level 58) + Glistening Hamachi (Level 61) + 2 water = 2 Potent Byzantine Decoction (Level 55)

Mayor Guide

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