Eternal Alliance

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Basic Skill Guide

When Gathering and Crafting you want to have the most efficient gear and boosts on to ensure the greatest possible return on your time. Below is a guide of most of these, so you can acquire and use them in the future. 

By clicking 'K' you'll open up your skills tab. Here you'll find detailed information about your various skills, as well as a storage location for up to 12 supplies, all 4 gathering tools, and all 4 crafting tools. 

By tapping C, you'll open up your character sheet. The bottom right has information about gathering. Highlight each of the sections to read about what they pertain to, and eat buffs and craft gear to increase your stats as much as possible.

Elite Crafting

Upon hitting level 40 in a Crafting skill players will unlock access to the Elite Crafting Quests. These NPCs are located in Ardent by the Crafting Stations and will give the player a quest to create a special item in return for a recipe.This recipe is for a premium item which has an Enchantment on it. There is one for each of the 4 Crafting professions. This Enchantment will permanently increase experience gained in that specific field by 50% Once a player has reached level 40 in Crafting/Gathering it will become much harder to level skills, this quest is an indicator of this turning point in a player's journey. Below is a guide for each of the 4 quests. Keep in mind you may be asked for the items below in any order.


  • Sturdy Blending Spool
  • 15 minor healing elixirs
  • 30 potent blended deco
  • 75 proudfish
  • 20 lesser elixir of the triad
  • Raw Trollish Spice Cook Cavern (C6) mud pile on the island in the pond
  • Kill Villarius for a Villarian pestle


  • Bengaline Spool
  • 20 Moderating Kerchiefs
  • 30 Superior Bengaline
  • 75 Fine Royal fleece
  • 25 Great badges
  • Effervescent Silk (G4) in a Strange Nest next to the bounty Thimbala
  • Kill Ux for Shadow Ether


  • Sturdy Laminated Chisel
  • 25 great signets
  • 30 Strong Laminated Beam
  • 75 Mahogany
  • 20 Sighting Salve
  • Foreverwood branch in Forever Tree up the hill by the tree itself
  • Kill Headmaster Rotburga for Arcane Enchanted Powder


  • Sturdy glittermore hammer
  • 25 gleaming blazons
  • 30 premium glittermore pigs
  • 75 glittermore
  • 20 honing girst
  • Aquamarine (B4) In Reefs behind the Bounty Retawsi in a Sunken Crate
  • Kill Karackus for Inferno Oil

Crafting & Gathering Boosts

Crafted Boosts

Spirit of Yorrick: This jewelry can be created through chess pieces and coffers. Spirit of Yorrick grants the player an increased chance at finding motes and supplies.

Anabelle's Providence: This jewelry can be created through chess pieces and coffers. While wearing this gear, crafting costs are reduced.

Frederich's Guille: This jewelry can be created through chess pieces and coffers. While this is worn, players have a chance to recover half of the motes spent through rapid crafting.

Potion of Triad: These can be cooked from bugs and decoctions, they increase your luck and prosperity while gathering and crafting. This includes cost reduction, abundant harvests, lucky finds, etc.


Abundant Earth: This bonus is gained from consuming regular Herbs. While gathering your chances to find supplies and motes are increased.

Bountiful Earth: This bonus is gained from consuming hasty Herbs. While gathering your chances to find supplies and motes are increased.

Note: These 2 effects do indeed stack!

Gathered Boosts

-Arthropodic: This effect is gained when consuming a bug. It provides to a chance to recycle your selected supply while gathering.

-Mote of Yorrick: These motes are obtained through any gathering node and are sold at COG sites. They provide the means to rapid craft.

-Cornucopia: These are rare drops while gathering at your village. Upon consuming one you have an increased chance to find Motes of Yorrick.

Combat Boosts

-COG Coins: By defeating bounties you gain COG coins. 3 coins per bounty

-Bounty Power: Bounty Power caps at 75, you gain 1 point in this buff for each bounty within your level range that is killed. This boost counts down from 12 hours, but by defeating another bounty within this limit the buff will reset. Bounty Power increases the player's chance to find supplies.

Premium Boosts

-Gathering Hat: Wearing this hat enables you to use one supply but gather two materials. Additionally, it boosts the chance to find Motes by 15%.

-Premium Tools: These tools increase your chance at a lucky find in the corresponding skill, as well as experience gained. The crafting tools will give you increased speed and an experience bonus.

-Harvesters & Producers: These allow you to gather and craft abundantly.

Experience Boosts

-Pie: There are many variations of pies, the higher the level the bigger the experience boost. They work for combat, gathering and crafting and last 2 hours. They can be created through the cooking profession but require a high gardening.

-Hero & Villager Experience Boost: These are 50% experience boosts gained from premium potions. They can be won or bought from the Item shop.

-Ardent Society Membership: Ardent Society comes with a 50% hero and villager experience boost for the duration of the membership.

-Holiday Experience Boost: These can come in the form of Hero or Villager versions. Their duration varies but their boost is 20%. These do indeed stack with the regular Villager and Hero Experience boosts.

-Gobazolla: These give a 30% experience boost and their duration varies. It works for combat, gathering, and crafting. These can be found rarely while fishing and stack with all other types of boosts

-Elixirs: The Elixir of Reaping grants a 20% experience boost to gathering and lasts for 1 hour. The Elixir of Creation grants a 20% experience boost to crafting and lasts for 1 hour. The Elixir of Mercenary grants a 10% experience boost to Combat and it lasts for 1 hour. These elixirs do stack with all other types of experience boosts and can be bought or won.

Compared to crafting, gathering is a relatively simple process. There aren't very many tricks, however there are a lot of boosts available while gathering that cannot be used while crafting so make sure to acquire them! Leveling gathering is as easy as heading to a node equal to the level of the skill you're trying to level up, and constantly clicking it. Repair globules for your tools will drop periodically however will not be automatically placed in your bags, you must manually pick them up. (This is to prevent auto-clicking). New discoveries are a great way to get a large boost in your level, and it's recommended to eat a Gobozolla when you're attempting to discover something new, for a greater experience kick. 

COG Guide

Description: COGs are a vital resource for crafters & gatherers as they are a form of currency that can be exchanged for gathering supplies. Keeping a cushion of a few thousand COG coins is essential, you don't want to spend them all and then find yourself in a tight situation without means for purchasing new supplies.

What Supplies Should I Buy? That depends on how much you gather. If you do not gather very often then you could save up on COG coins and sell your free daily supplies at the depot for additional coins. Then whenever you need supplies you should have enough for plenty of premiums. If you find yourself gathering every-day then stick with the superior supplies.

Alt Gathering: You'll notice the supplies bought at a vendor or gained through the village depot NPCs are not tradeable. A good idea is to create 2 or more alts and get them their daily supplies every day. Once they have a large amount of those untradeable supplies set them to gathering. As you gather you have a chance to collect supplies, the supplies gained from gathering are tradeable. So keep gathering until all your untradeable supplies are used up, and then send the tradeable ones to your main character. Stock up on supplies on your alts and do this method once a week on each.

Circle of Life: While mining, fishing, bugging or plant harvesting your character has a chance to collect supplies. The type of supply depends upon which skill is being used.

Mining = Mining and Plant Lore supplies
Plant Lore = Plant Lore and Bug Lore supplies
Bug Lore = Bug Lore and Fishing supplies
Fishing = Fishing and Mining supplies

Gaining & Conserving Supplies: There are boosts you can consume and special gear that can be equipped to help with the conservation and acquirement of new supplies. Triad potions, bugs, herbs, and Yorrick jewelry are all examples of this.

COG Runs: Doing bounties will give you 3 COG coins each and is a viable way to stock up on currency. There is one specific zone that is perfect for COG grinding, and that is Fungal Caverns of Basido. This level 70 zone has 150 Venerable bosses which give 6 COG coins each totaling a respectable 900 coins after the end of the run. If Basido is too high in level for you, then an alternative solution is running extremely low level zones. Zones with high bounty concentrations such as Maiden and Traven provide a decent amount of coins, and if your character is high enough in level none of the enemies will aggro you either.  

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