Eternal Alliance

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Rebirth Information

Where is the Temple of Rebirth?
It is in Gandymeade Grove. The Temple is marked on the zone map.

What is the benefit of rebirth?
Each time you perform a rebirth, you will be given five talent points. A player having done all five rebirths will have 25 bonus talent points.

After I am reborn, is anything different?
Besides the bonus talent points, you will gain a special hero experience bonus that stacks with all normal experience boosts. This bonus scales with level, starting at a 25% boost and accelerating towards a 300% boost at higher levels. Additionally, you will gain a special emblem that is displayed in your player cameo and title text that will show others how many times you have been reborn.

What do I lose when I am reborn?
You will lose all of your combat levels, and return to level one. All of your quest status', progress, and completions will be reset, as well as your bounties and kill counts. Your talents will all be reset, and you will lose all talent points gained by leveling. However, you will keep any talent points gained by performing rebirths.

What do I keep when I am reborn?
You will keep all of your crafting skills, elder levels, items, bags, gnogmentation packs, enchantments, achievements, medallions, travel pad locations, talent points gained from previous rebirths, and portal keys you have earned.

Can rebirth be undone?
No. Once a rebirth is completed, it can never be undone.

Do I have to be exactly level 30, 45, 60, 75 or 90 to do a rebirth?
No. You just need to be at least that level. However, the experience bonus granted to you will last all the way until you are the highest level you have ever been. This means that if you rebirth at level 37 (using your level 30 rebirth) you will gain bonus experience until you are once again level 37.

Approaches to Rebirth

Bottom Up Approach:
This the most common approach to Rebirth. First players rebirth at 30, then proceed to do their 45, 60, 75 and 90 rebirths in that order. The bottom up approach is ideal if you wish to progress your character at a gradual rate. It is not particularly fast if your goal is to rush through all the rebirths though. Every time you rebirth your rebirth EXP bonus will last until the highest level you've ever been - so if you rebirth at 30 it will only last until 30. This means you'll likely have to redo the quests each time to gain enough EXP to get to the next rebirth tier. Also you will need to grind for medallions at each stage which will slow you down. This is still a viable and logical way to rebirth, your character will continue to get stronger as you encounter more challenging zones. You will be able to play the game at a gradual pace and enjoy the rebirth each time.

Top Down Approach:
This is the fastest way to complete all your rebirths. First get to level 90, then perform the 90, 75, 60, 45 and 30 rebirths. Why is this faster? Because your rebirth EXP bonus will last until 75 so you'll be able to knock out the other 4 rebirths by doing bounties alone. You do not need to do any quests which saves a lot of time. Also, if you start your rebirth at 90, it means you already have access to all the zones and have the necessary keys for everything under 90. So there is no 'medallion grinding' involved. With access to all of the telepads the other rebirths can be completed much easier Be sure to unlock all important zones before you perform the level 90 Rebirth. One of the main issues with this rebirth, is that the trek to 90 will be a long and difficult one. Not only will you be lacking for talents, but it is quite a long journey, only to immediately rebirth once you've hit your goal. The Top Down approach is recommended for experienced players that are leveling their Alts. Since they already understand game-play mechanics, zone routes, and know which zones / quests to go to for the best XP, the initial grind to 90 will be much easier.

Rebirth Tips

1: Before you rebirth it is recommended to have sets of gear waiting at regular intervals (the most common is every 10-15 levels). Many players defeat all of the Elders before rebirthing and use those as their gear as they level back up.

2: Make sure to keep a list of the zones you have already visited at each Rebirth. This is especially important when using the Top-Down approach as the world map will show all zones as unlocked and you'll be performing rebirths rapidly enough that it's difficult to distinguish which zones you completed on your current rebirth and which ones you've only done in the past

3: This point only applies once you've completed all your rebirths and are making your climb back to your original level - If you want to make the most of your rebirth bonus and conserve as much EXP as possible for easy leveling once your bonus expires then save your quests for last! Make sure to collect each and every quest you find, and also work on those quests to the point of completion - but DON'T turn them in until your rebirth bonus expires. The rebirth bonus doesn't affect quest EXP so focus only on running zones and completing bounties while it is still active. This is especially important in the Pyrron and beyond regions where quests are the main source of EXP. If you reach level 75 and your rebirth bonus expires and you'll still have 20+ Million EXP worth of quests that you'll find easy to complete at your high level.

4: There are some quests you will want to complete each time you rebirth and some that you can skip. Any quest that gives material rewards (such as the crafting quests in the tutorial zones) is worth doing each time.

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