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Legendary Crafting

Crafters with skills level 70 and higher are able to participate in legendary crafting. As that player crafts normal weapons and armor (level 70+), they will become more proficient in their skill with that exact recipe. A player's ability to craft a recipe will be represented by ranks. Rank one is will be rather easy to obtain, but getting all the way to rank 5 will take effort. As a player progresses through recipe ranks, they will begin to craft better items that contain boosts to the items basic stats, boosting things like health, armor, elemental damage, and more. At rank 5, a crafter will have a chance to create a legendary item, which can randomly be one of 9 versions for weapons, or one or 4 versions for garb (including hat, gloves, boots, belt, and outfit). Some versions will have different stat boosts, and some are better than others, but all legendary items will have all of their feats, spells, and proficiencies boosted by an entire rank.

How to Begin Legendary Crafting: Before you begin the process of Legendary Crafting, it is essential to know it requires a lot of time, resources and patience. This is not something that can be achieved in a day, but in the long run you could make a hefty profit by selling your wares in exchange for gold or other Legendary items, and equip your character with the best of the best gear.

The first step of your Legendary crafting journey begins with selecting which item you wish to craft. Remember that only gear items level 70 and above qualify for Legendary crafting. In most cases players will select an item which their own character will eventually wear, but it is not 'wrong' to create gear for another class and take advantage of an open market. Once you have chosen your class, it's time to narrow your choices down to the type and level of gear you wish to craft. The level is usually based on your current skill levels or your combat level, as you need to be able to actually create the item, so there's no point choosing something 5 levels above your crafting skills! Likewise, once you make the item, you'll want to be able to wear it as well, so why pick something that is too many levels below your current combat level? The 'type' of gear (helm, weapon, gloves, boots etc.) can also be seen as the difficulty of the gear. Helms require the most amount of resources, accessory items need large quantities of monster parts, and weapons can cost a lot of money! Make sure you have the resources to begin this long process, because stopping midway with no intention of continuing is a surefire way to waste items. Evaluate the piece of gear you are considering, make a list of all of their ingredients and then multiply them by about 100-150. This is the approximately amount of times you will be creating this item to obtain a Legendary piece. 100 being a potentially average Legendary piece (keep in mind an average Legendary piece is still Legendary) and 150 could be the baseline for getting the rarer Legendary items. It all comes down to luck in the end. It could take you 112 tries to get a ninetails staff... or it could take you 250. The numbers are not set in stone, so do not expect to get the best of the best once you hit 5 stars.

Now that you have successfully chosen your item, it's time to begin preparations. The goal is to hit 5 stars in that specific item, so you have the best chances at getting a Legendary piece. In order to gain 5 stars, you must craft that specific item 100 times. You will begin at Rank 0, and every 20 crafts will add another star up to 5. Below is the basic breakdown of stars and perks, all of this can also be seen from your crafting window.

Rank 0: Can only create the Basic item

Rank 1: Has a small chance at a Superior item.

Rank 2: Has a good chance at Superior, and a small chance for Premium.

Rank 3: Has a good chance at Premium, and a small chance at Exceptional.

Rank 4: Has a good chance at Exceptional, and a small chance at Legendary.

Rank 5: Has a good chance at Exceptional, and a better chance at Legendary.

Legendary crafting can either be a personal journey or a team based challenge. Some prefer to work alone, gradually making their way to their ultimate goal. Others wish to link up with various other Legendary crafters or suppliers across the server to speed the process up. Whether you're working alone, or with a team, the result is the same. You must craft the item, so somehow you must get the materials. Either get them all yourself, attempt to purchase them from the Auction House, or set up a network of players who will supply materials in exchange for 'first dibs' at a Legendary item. The path you take is entirely up to you! It is important not to get stressed out when making the Legendary items, do not completely exhaust your vaults, your wallet and fall into a spiral of debt to other players just for that rare piece of gear! Take your time and make each piece of gear whenever the resources become available without negatively affecting your game-play. 

It is also important to come up with a plan for the 'building block gears'.. these are basically the items you have been mass producing so you can hit 5 stars. You'll end up with a minimum of 100 of these items, ranging from basic to exceptional so you'll want to put them to good use. Either use a salvage rod on them to retain some of the materials you spent, try to sell them to other players via trade or the Auction house, or give them to friends and guild mates. Once again the choice is yours, but it is better to be smart with these items then to simply throw them away.

Once you've finally made it to 5 stars you can expect to see some rare pieces of gear. As stated earlier there are 9 different Legendary weapon variations and 4 different gear variations. All of these have unique properties that vary depending on class, level and type. A full list is displayed below, so you can browse through the various types and see for yourself which one you want for your personal build.

(Chest-piece, gloves, boots, belts, hats, shields)

The boosts listed below are the same across all pieces of gear and across all of the 4 different classes. While the boosts are the same, the value and power of the boost varies depending on level and gear-type!
Bonus Armor
Bonus Health, Spirit
Bonus Armor, Health, Spirit
Bonus Armor, Health, Spirit, Spirit Reduction

(Staffs, Swords, Bows, Maces)

Fox and Cheetah are the only 2 Legendary types that are exactly the same regardless of class. Then there are certain Legendary types that have similar properties as well as class specific properties. For example, the 'Wolf' Legendary gives a bonus Critical chance boost on any weapon regardless of class. However it also gives a secondary boost, and these are different based on the class of gear. So for a hunter it will give a poison boost and for a wizard a fire boost. These sections are color coded with the pattern below:

Warrior = Blue
Wizard = Orange
Hunter = Green
Priest = Pink

Lastly, there are 8 class specific Legendary types (2 for each class). These are listed at the bottom of the table and also follow the color coding shown above.
Bonus Critical Chance
Bonus Attack Speed
Jackal (Warrior)
Jackal (Wizard)
Jackal (Hunter)
Jackal (Priest)
Bonus Critical Chance, Physical Damage
Bonus Critical Chance, Ice Damage
Bonus Critical Chance, Physical Damage
Bonus Critical Chance, Holy Damage
Wolf (Warrior)
Wolf (Wizard)
Wolf (Hunter)
Wolf (Priest)
Bonus Critical Chance, Agro Generation
Bonus Critical Chance, Fire Damage
Bonus Critical Chance, Poison Damage
Bonus Critical Chance, Shadow Damage
Tiger (Warrior)
Tiger (Wizard)
Tiger (Hunter)
Tiger (Priest)
Bonus Attack Speed, Physical Damage
Bonus Attack Speed, Ice Damage
Bonus Attack Speed, Physical Damage
Bonus Attack Speed, Holy Damage
Jaguar (Warrior)
Jaguar (Wizard)
Jaguar (Hunter)
Jaguar (Priest)
Bonus Attack Speed, Agro Generation
Bonus Attack Speed, Fire Damage
Bonus Attack Speed, Poison Damage
Bonus Attack Speed, Shadow Damage
Ninetails (Warrior)
Ninetails (Wizard)
Ninetails (Hunter)
Ninetails (Priest)
Bonus Attack Speed, Critical Chance, Physical Damage, Agro Generation
Bonus Attack Speed, Critical Chance, Ice Damage, Fire Damage
Bonus Attack Speed, Critical Chance, Physical Damage, Poison Damage
Bonus Attack Speed, Critical Chance, Holy Damage, Shadow Damage
Bonus Physical Damage
 Bonus Agro Generation
Bonus Ice Damage
Bonus Fire Damage
Bonus Physical Damage
 Bonus Poison Damage
 Bonus Holy Damage
  Bonus Shadow Damage

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