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Earning Gold

Gold is the main form of currency in Villagers and Heroes and can be obtained through a variety of means.

Flowers: Gardening is a valuable skill in the game as there are many different seeds that can be planted depending on your play-style. If you're low on gold, then flowers are the best option. There are 2 varieties, the regular version (22 hours) and the hasty version (9 hours). Plant whichever one suits your online capacity. Using alts as gardeners is another common method. Rather than starting off growing daisies though, take a few days to plant exotic crops for maximum experience gain. That way you'll level up your gardening and be able to plant higher level flowers which will in turn yield more gold upon being sold to a vendor.

Golden Sheep: Upon hitting level 50 in Gardening the player has access to Golden Sheep. They cost 100 Gold however can be sold for about 122 gold after being ranked up. Not only that, but their fleece is worth a pretty penny as well. They are a good investment for any rancher seeking extra cash.

Auction House: Take note of the items in the Auction House with bids on them, normally these are crafted and gathered materials as well as premium items. When using the Auction House, make sure to safe your bids for the last minute, to avoid the chance of being outbid.

Gathering: Gardening is a relatively easy and straight-forward way to obtain Gold. Simply gather at a node (the higher the level the more profit) and sell the gems that are accumulated.

Combat: Doing bounties and quests is a great way to pick up some dough, and doing rebirths will allow you to reset your bounties back to their 10x bonus, meaning you can earn a large sum of Gold over time.

Settings & Options

Open up your settings menu while in-game then click the graphics tab. Once there select show advanced to get started.

Visible Distance: It is recommended to maximize this setting. In large zones this may affect your performance, but it is also very helpful in difficult maps and when working with a team. It will also make the game look much better

Object & Creature Clipping: On default low settings these will be about half-way. Make sure to raise them to the maximum. Otherwise, players will disappear from view after walking only a short distance from you - making it difficult to work in a party. Also, monsters will not come into your field of view until it is too late.

Other: Head to settings > Options and view the many toggle-able settings located here. There are many useful and interesting aspects that can be customized.

Advanced Information: There is a great in-depth guide made by Ivar Otter located here

Beginners Guide to Screenshots

Ever wish you could capture an in-game moment and save it forever? Been eyeing those contests on the forums but have no idea where to begin creating and editing those screenshots? Hopefully this guide will help you get started and teach you the ins and outs of taking great in-game pictures and editing them to perfection!

Step 1: Before you begin taking pics all over Ardent, you need to make sure everything on screen is ideal. When taking pictures it's recommended to increase your in-game graphics so you can get the best product. If you're not one who wishes to play around with all those bars and buttons in the settings menu, that's fine! Usually just increasing the texture and terrain detail in your settings menu is sufficient. Remember to change them back afterwards though! Once you have everything looking at its best, you may want to hide your GUI. That is - all your inventory bags, combat bar, and menu icons. You can do this by holding down the Control button on your keyboard and then tapping the F3 button on your keyboard. This will toggle your GUI on and off. Note that although the GUI isn't visible, it's still there, so be careful where you click!

Step 2: Now you're ready to take the screenshot. This may not apply to everyone, but the simplest method which requires no downloading of software etc. is this: Simply tap the PrtSc button on your keyboard. Usually this is somewhere near the top-right of your keyboard. Then open up paint or a similar application on your computer and once you've done that, hold Control down and tap V. This should then paste the screenshot onto paint.

Step 3: If you're only looking for a basic screenshot you can leave it here. Edit and crop whatever you wish using paints functions and then save the photo. If you want to do some heavy editing with filters, graphics and overlays, proceed to step 4.

Step 4: There are many many photo editors out there for free.. but my personal favorite is BeFunky. This site allows you to edit a single photo or a collage of photos. You have many tools at your disposal here, and so much variety! All of this at no cost! (Some features are paid of course but the majority is free). Feel free to use whatever photo editor you want or use the suggestion provided.  

Tips & Tricks

Here is a collection of useful Tips & Tricks about various aspects of V&H,

  • If your village training grounds is high enough in rank you can talk with the Hunter NPC and get a max Speed of Stag boost applied to your character while inside of the village.

  • If you're stuck and can't move, try using /unstick

  • When transferring items from yours bags to your vault, use shift click to transfer them while you're looking at a vault that is full. The items will then        transfer to any vault that has those current items in it already. So it's a quick sorting mechanism.

  • When about to engage an opponent, select them and highlight their health bar to view their abilities and vulnerabilities. It's important to know your      opponent before a fight.

  • Make sure to buy keys in the correct order. For example don't buy Bastille before Keppel, or Creation Caves before Underbelly! View the map and ask your friends before choosing.

Getting Crowns

The developers are very generous with  crowns in V&H! Participating in certain events can earn you crowns. Below are some activities that you can try out for free crowns!

Fan Friday

Submit something every week for a chance to win your place among the winners!

Events & Contests

The Otter team as well as the players host events in-game and through the forums. Keep up do date on their timings and you'll have a chance to win!

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