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Gnogmentation Guide

The process of combining two items into one single item is called Gnogmenting. During the process, the player gets to choose the exact specifications of the new item that will be produced. This includes which feats & spells the item has, its abilities, its stats, and its cosmetic appearance.

Rules and clarifications
  • Warrior –Swift Gear does not Gnogment with Defender Gear
  • Wizard – Fire Affinity, Ice Affinity and Reinforced cannot be combined
  • Priest – Shadow Mastery, Healing Mastery and Reinforced cannot be combined
  • Hunter – Reinforced does not Gnogment with Bow Mastery

The best type of gear is a combination of 3 different 'species' of gear. Below is a chart with details about each. This applies solely to chest pieces and weapons of any class. For boots, belts, gloves, and hats, their crafted version is always superior. For rings and necklaces, the dropped versions are the only ones available.

Below I will guide you through a step-by-step process of gnogmenting. Despite the fact that the weapons used are wizard staffs, this method applies to all classes.

Gnogmentation Step 1:

Out of the 3 items above, put two in the gnogmentation slots (the order doesn't matter)

First thing to notice: The crafted staff on the right, has been enhanced. Always enhance your crafted gear! They have the best inherent stats, and your final product will have the stats of only 1 of your weapons/armor. So there is no need to enhance all 3. Similarly, select the arrow coming from the gear with the best stats.

Second thing to notice: The dropped staff (left) and crafted (right) both had the fireball ability. But, the dropped staff had a fireball of rank 12, while my crafted had a fireball of rank 11. Remember what was stated above, that dropped gear with +++ have boosted abilities. So choose the 12 over the 11, as the higher, the better.

Gnogmentation Step 2:

Third thing to notice: In the center of the gnogmentation window you can select which style you wish your final product to have. The style does NOT effect the efficiency of the item, it's pure cosmetic.

Fourth thing to notice: Choosing too many abilities and going over the 'limit' costs sockets. The bottom right of the gnogmentation window displays the gold cost of this process, as well as the number of sockets it will cost. Getting the best gear has a price, both in gold and sockets, but the end result is generally worth the hassle.

Now gnogment these two together!
Gnogmentation Step 3:

Now we're gnogmenting the Elder Staff with the newly created staff which was a combination of the Crafted and Dropped staff.

The bottom row of the feats bar has proficiencies. These are passive boosts. The top row has active abilities, these end up on your combat bar when fighting and are used to engage the enemy.

Remember, you don't NEED to select all available spells! Some spells you may not like, or have room for, or spend sockets on. That's fine! This is your build, choose whichever abilities YOU want. Notice, the flaming meteor from the Elder (Right) staff was left behind for one of those very reasons.
Gnogmentation Step 4:

The final step in the gnogmentation process. Checking your work! Make sure your final staff has the look, stats, and abilities that you wanted. If it doesn't, don't hit continue, go back and make the necessary changes.

Gnogmentation can seem like a long and confusing process for many players, and sometimes it is, but the most important thing is to read the information presented to you. If a player takes the time to understand the gear and their function, then gnogmentation can become your tool, not fear.

Remember, sometimes the stats of some gear may 'appear' to be better than others, but it is not. The stats of an item is meant to be independent of any proficiencies. So, make sure to read everything carefully, and choose the correct arrow. Generally this will always come from crafted gear unless the other gear is much higher in level.

I hope this helped some!

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