Eternal Alliance

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Master Sheet

Alliance Roles

Alliance Member

Members have access to all facets of the Alliance and are expected to represent our values publicly.

Alliance Coordinator

Coordinators are the organizers of the Alliance. They manage the 4 major pillars: Community, Events, Villages, Volunteering.

Alliance Leader

Alliance Leaders are the decision-makers of the Guild. There are 2 Alliance Leaders per Guild: (Guild Leader, Mayor).


Basic Services: These are our basic services, packaged with the Alliance

  • Village Access: Access to your Guild's Private Village (If applicable)
  • Village Vault Access: Access to all General Vaults in the Guild Village. Restricted Vaults are the jurisdiction of the Mayor.
  • Events & Runs Access: Access to all of our scheduled & Impromptu Events & Runs
  • Volunteer Access: Access to our weekly Volunteering Opportunities
  • Village Alliance: Access to our Village Alliance services
  • Media Access: Access to our Website, Discord, Master-sheet and other Media.

Volunteer Requests:
A large sector of our services stems from our volunteering requests. You must send a request yourself in order to access these privileges. Requests can be sent via the weekly Alliance Mails:

  • Hoarders: To store or withdraw from the Alliance Stockpile
  • Combat Specialists: For assistance with builds, leveling, routes and strategies.
  • Crafting Club: Sign-Up for the Crafting Club to gain assistance with hitting 5 Stars in a Gear Recipe.
  • Alt Exchange Program: Partnering with other Guilds across the server to exchange active alts and create ties with other communities.
  • Alliance Bank: The Alliance Bank keeps a stock of Gold & Prizes. Members are welcome to loan gold for personal needs such as Mastery crafting and Auction House bids. All loans must eventually be repaid. The Bank is also useful for sponsoring events! Donations welcome.


This section is for Achievements big and small! Ranging from individual Guild-Member achievements, to grand Guild ones! If you would like your own achievements added to the wall of fame, contact Anarky.

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