Eternal Alliance

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Combat Overview

To become a powerful hero in V&H you must first equip yourself with quality gear, a variety of boosts and plenty of knowledge. Below are some simple guides to get you started.

Character Sheet

Understanding the character sheet is critical to building up your character. This page contains a vast amount of information you will need in order to properly customize yourself to your liking.

Starting from the top are your Attack and Defense ratings. These are general estimates of your offensive and defensive capabilities at your current level. If you highlight the rings, a tool-tip will appear. Inside the tool-tip is a list of stats that effect the rating. If you're looking to build a defensive character, or offensive character, then pay attention to these stats! They are the ones you'll want to build up the most.

Following that is a list of all your primary stats. These are the same for all classes except for the 2 Mastery's at the top which depend on your class:

Wizard: Fire / Ice Mastery
Warrior: Lightning / Fury Mastry
Priest: Shadow / Holy Mastery
Hunter: Nature / Marksman Mastery

There is a wealth of knowledge stored here, and it is important to learn as much as you can.

Highlight each stat to bring up a tool-tip with information. The tool-tip will describe exactly what the stat does "Increases your Physical Protection", followed by how much of that stat you currently have "+39.2%", followed by a general list of items that can include this stat.

To the right of each stat are 3 arrow indicators that visually portray the amount of that stat you currently have equipped. By highlighting an arrow you can learn more about the stat, such as the maximum cap. Many stats can only go up to a certain limit, so keeping the stat cap in mind is important towards fleshing out your build.

The final column of the primary stats depicts the total boost or reduction for your character. While the first column shows you how much of that stat you've gained, the third column tells you the overall effect for your character.

The next section on the character sheet is the Secondary Stats. These are not directly influenced by combat gear and runes and instead come from a variety of sources and serve broad range of purposes. Once again, highlight each stat in turn to learn more about what it does, and where it came from.

Hovering over the Enchantments in your secondary stats section will bring up a tool-tip of all Enchantments that are currently bound to your character. Enchantments are effects that become bound to ones character permanently. These are usually gained from the item shop or via in-game premium items.

At the bottom of the stats page, are your Epic Stats. These are stats that are gained from Rare or Epic Gear. They add unique passive abilities that bring variety and changes to game-play style. Once again, highlight each stat for a tool-tip containing important information. Unlike your primary stats, Epic Stats won't appear on this page unless you already have the stat equipped. So you will have to go out and discover them all! Or, refer to the complete stats list below.
(Spec) Mastery
Increases the power of all specialization related abilities
 Class Tokens, Gloves, Necklace, Weapon
Increases physical protection
Shield, Hat, Armor, Gloves, Boots, Belts, Trinkets
 Magic Resist
Increases magical protection
 Armor, Belt, Boots, Hats, Shield, Rings
Increases maximum health
 Armor, Belt, Boots, Hats
Increases health regeneration
 Armor, Belt, Boots, Gloves, Hats, Necklace
Increases maximum mana
 Class Token, Hats, Necklace, Rings, Weapons
Increases mana regeneration
 Gloves, Necklaces, Rings, Trinkets
Reduces mana cost
 Boots, Necklaces, Rings, Trinkets
Increases attack speed
 Boots, Class Tokens, Gloves, Trinkets, Weapons
Decreases cooldown rate
Armor, Belt, Class Token, Hat, Weapon, Necklace
Increases critical chance
 Class Token, Gloves, Hats, Trinkets, Weapons
Increases critical damage
 Armor, Belt, Class Tokens, Rings, Weapons
Grants an absorb shield
Deals bonus damage based on health
 Your attacks have a chance to heal
 Magic Find
 Better chance to find rare items
Bonus damage to high health foes
Bonus damage after every kill
Empowered after spending mana
Bonus damage if you have high health
Gain power after being repeatedly hit
Deal area damage after being hit


There are 4 types of runes in the game:

Spell / Feat Runes: These are your active combat abilities and come from Weapons and Necklaces.

Proficiency Runes: These are passive abilities and come from Armor, Weapons, Shields, Crafting tools and more.

Augmentation Runes: These runes boost feats & spells and can be acquired from all types of gear.

Reinforcement Runes: These runes boost stats and can be acquired from crafting.

Boosts & Buffs

Salves & Cerates






Spirit Elixir


Powder & Talc


Scrap & Kerchief


Drams & Extracts




Rare Gathers


Experience Boosts


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