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Advanced Skill Guide

Leveling skills in Villagers and Heroes can seem like a never-ending process, but there are plenty of efficient ways to level up your skills.

First and foremost you'll need to collect as many boosts and buffs as possible and consume them when you're planning to go craft or gather for long periods of time. This makes the most efficient use of your resources. To view all available buffs, see the lists above.


Compared to crafting, gathering is a relatively simple process. There aren't very many tricks, however there are a lot of boosts available while gathering that cannot be used while crafting so make sure to acquire them! Leveling gathering is as easy as heading to a node equal to the level of the skill you're trying to level up, and constantly clicking it. Repair globules for your tools will drop periodically however will not be automatically placed in your bags, you must manually pick them up. (This is to prevent auto-clicking). New discoveries are a great way to get a large boost in your level, and it's recommended to eat a Gobozolla when you're attempting to discover something new, for a greater experience kick. 
Crafting - Blazons, Badges, Signets

Blazons (Smithing), Badges (Tailoring) and Signets (Woodcrafting) are great ways to level skills. Blazons require pigs and bugs, Badges require cloth and mushrooms, and Signets require beams and fish. This is a great way to make use of otherwise unwanted items (bugs, mushrooms, and plain fish)
Crafting - Drams & Extracts

These high quality potions are available to all types of crafting however there is a different variation for each potion based on the crafting. If you're someone who created lots of Blazons, Badges, and Signets then this is a great way to convert them directly to even more exp. Cooking Drams require monster parts too however.
Crafting - Lysa/Zona/Anarobi

Upon hitting level 43 in a Crafting skill players can acquire their first recipe for Lysa, Zona, and Anarobi products by speaking with Kindrii in Traven isles (A4). These 1x recipes must be made before being able to purchase the 2x-7x recipes at the respective vendors surrounding the Traven telepad. The level range for these recipes are 43-55 however they are useful well beyond that. The valuable thing about these recipes is that they do not require any refined products as their ingredient. This means one can simply gather the materials from the 3 Traven Gathering zones (Barbing Rock, Flowering Island, Agari Cove) and convert them directly into these special recipes. The higher the rank of the recipe, the more materials it requires, but the higher the payoff. This is a great way to get your skills from 43 all the way to 55+.
Crafting - Fleece Breakdowns

Say your tailoring is 60, and you create a bunch of level 60 fleece. This can either be converted into cloth OR it can be broken down into lower level fleece. (10 lower level fleece per 8 higher level). This results in a long chain of exp, from 60 all the way to 1.
Crafting - Gear

Crafting gear is a great way to make exp, however it's best to have customers in place who will exchange gold for the items you're creating or it will be a large gold drain. The best, but most difficult gear to create is hats. All of those drams and extracts you created can be used here!


Charters come in a few variations. For the purpose of this Guide we will focus only on skill charters however. Located in Ardent City near the archery targets are the 'regular' gathering charters and by the crafting stations are the 'regular' crafting charters. These can be done an unlimited amount of times per day. They ask for a certain amount of materials within your level range and in exchange will give you a charter token as well as exp. As your level for that respective skill line increases, so will your charter rank, and they will ask for higher level items. There are also daily charters scattered throughout the nearby Ardent territories. They can only be done once per day but give greater rewards. A common method to completing charters is to gather/craft a large amount of items within your level range, and then proceed to the charter so you do not have to go back for forth collecting items upon each new quest. Charter Tokens can be redeemed in Ardent Castle by the King and can be spent on potions, Cornucopia recipes, a gathering hat, supplies, and more.

Crafting - 3x

A simple and common method to gaining crafting levels is the 3x upon 3x method. 3x recipes are those that require glistening/seasoned/gleaming materials and yield the most output and exp. Use your highest level 3x recipe and level up until you unlock the next one, then repeat the process.
Crafting - Chess Sets

Located in Ardent City near the crafting stations is a vendor who sells recipes for crafting & gathering jewelry. To acquire the materials for this jewelry you must craft pouches (Tailory) chests (woodcrafting) or coffers (smithing) and open them for a chance to obtain chess pieces. They require a variety of different items, provide good experience, and can be converted to useful items.
Crafting - Chain Breakers

Chain Breakers are recipes acquired through Ranking up your Crafting Projects. There are two different types of Chain Breakers - the Basic Breaker which is level 25,35,45,55... and requires 2 plain materials with an output of 1 refined item. Then there's the Advanced Breaker which is level 31,41,51... and requires 2 shiny materials and 1 gleaming material with an output of 2 refined items. Chain Breakers are extremely useful when you need to create a base of materials your level... normally you would need to start anew, by collecting level 21 items and ranking them all the way to your current level, however chain breakers allow you to skip all that by just gathering the ingredients and converting them directly to a refined item without sacrificing another refined item to do so. They provide relatively low experience but make up for it by requiring only a few items. A trick for the advanced breakers is to gather at nodes level 30,40,50 etc. in the wild, so you can pick up both the shiny and the gleaming materials from the same place.

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