Eternal Alliance

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The Eternal Alliance consists of 6 Guilds situated on US1: Eternals, Immortals, Forever Legend & Timeless. Our goal is to create a system of partnership and cooperation between each Guild. While we are a structured and organized Alliance, we're also laid back and casual. Members are free to pursue whatever they desire, and we also have many activities for those who are inclined to join in.

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Leaders: Song Merrydance & Nun Nun

Village: Eternal City

Type: Main Guild

Eternals is a guild composed mostly of high level veteran players over the age of 21. We focus on organizing and scheduling events to help players level skills in an efficient manner. "Pay it forward" is our philosophy.


Leaders: Geronemo & Agaska Iga
Village: Immortal Tymes City
Type: Main Guild

Immortals is a fun loving guild made up of mid-high level active players. We enjoy the challenges the game offers and helping each other achieve our game goals.

Forever Legend

Leaders: Korruption & Cinder Fate
Village: Everlasting City
Type: Alternate Guild

Forever Legend is an Alternate Guild, home to the additional characters of Alliance members. Including active alts, farmers and parked members.


Leaders: Chad2
Village: None
Type: Alternate Guild

Timeless is an Alternate Guild, home to the additional characters of Alliance members. Including active alts, farmers and parked members.
Rules & Requirements: We do not operate on a strict set of rules, but it is important to acknowledge that members in our Guild represent our Alliance, and their behavior should reflect our values. We expect members to:

  • Keep Guild Chat clean
  • Participate! Be it through chat, events or volunteering, it is important that members engage in our community!
  • Be active. We're looking for members that plan to stick around for the long haul, not game hoppers.

Application: Send a mail to one of the Main Guild leaders mentioned above, to apply for the Guild. Include some information such as character and skill levels, as well as your interest in the game & guild.

Our Alliance is designed around the following 4 pillars. They make up the foundation of our Guilds and shape our theme. Visit their respective pages by clicking on the titles.


Rather than being exclusive, we share an inclusive outlook for our Alliance. Thus, we have partnered with many growing public villages in order to expand and extend our services to that sector of the server. Many of our recruits are sent in from the Village Alliance. Likewise many of our alts assist those very Villages with projects. That is how the Alliance remains connected.

We have a large focus on Guild activities. These events bring the Guild together in a cooperative manner where members can mingle and work together to acquire Elder gear, raise skills, or just goof off! All events are completely optional, and we strive to take other time-zones into account when planning our schedule.

For those members who wish to give back to the community we have various volunteering opportunities. These can include mentoring new members, building projects and forming crafting clubs. Volunteering is a purely optional system, and their service helps keep the Alliance running smoothly.

Our Guilds offer a lot of great services, sometimes it's best to ensure a new member will stick around before giving them access to premium items. Due to this we follow a Progression system. Read more about it by clicking the Community part of the title.

Our Guild is comprised of a variety of members. Everyone is a welcome addition to our family so long as they share our core values. Our members range across the globe, but we are united in our dedication to the Guild. Read more about them by clicking Member Hub!
It Takes a Village...
~Eternal Alliance

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